Unleash the Power of Routine

Sure, you could try to follow all habits and routines of successful people mentioned on Medium. But the key is to form your own routine. (I did the math, if you add up all the Medium listicles, you get 9,217 habits.*)

Remember the important but not urgent things

Set a good pace

Reduce cognitive load

How to get the most out of your routine

Don’t go full auto-pilot

Make tweaking the routine part of your routine

Destroy your Anti-routine

Social media exploits our psychology to take way more of our time than it deserves.

So take an hour to examine your routine. Use a calendar to set up reminders, and spend more time focusing on those important but not urgent matters.



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Adam Feil

Adam Feil

Educational Psychology Ph.D., business analytics nerd, computer scientist, President @MakeStickers